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This film anthology began as a result of The Nest Collective collecting and archiving the stories of persons identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex from across Kenya. After touring and collecting hundreds of vivid, compelling stories, they decided to turn some of these stories into short films. Using themselves as crew, and after turning some of the stories they gathered into scripts, they set about shooting the stories across the course of 8 months. Banned in Kenya, the making of these beautifully bold vignettes has proved to be an undertaking of activism in its own right.


'Stories of Our Lives is one of the most triumphant and stunning films of the year.'   - Huffington Post

'Stories of Our Lives' 

by Jim Chuchu

(The Nest Collective)




05 March 2016: 7:00pm

Bernie Grants Arts Centre


Town hall Approach Rd, Tottenham Green London, N15 4RX

STORIES OF OUR LIVES: dir. Jim Chuchu/62mins/Kenya/2014

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