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Legacy Film sprang into life in 2010 as a Brighton (UK) based film festival.  Our aim is to provide platforms and spaces giving greater access to film by and about the African and Caribbean diaspora.


We have run film festivals, workshops, Q&A’s, debates, events and one off screenings in a variety of venues and locations in East Sussex and continue to build on these successes. Our audiences are broad and range from those who wish to see themselves more widely represented on screen to anyone who loves film and wishes to see content from more diverse and  alternative angles.


We continue to seek partnerships and broaden our reach across the UK, as well as the region in which we are based as members (Film Hub South East)


Issey Osman

Issey has a Sociology degree from Goldsmiths College, and specialises in African and Black independent cinema.


Althea Wolfe

Althea has a background in project management and is keen to build positive cultural identity for Black communities through film. Special interest includes the development and promotion of Caribbean cinema


Paul Jackson

Paul was originally trained and worked in photography. With experience of managing film, arts and community projects, he is keen to develop better access to Black film and filmmakers.


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The Team in alphabetical order: