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Akila Richards is a published writer, poet and passionate spoken word artist. Some of her writing gives voice to the Black German experience and the multiple identities we occupy. Akila read, performed, as well as co-wrote in theatre productions and collaborated at the Fringe St Saint Lucia Festival 2014.


Her poem Stifled Life won an award in February 2015 and her poems and short stories were published in Penguin, Waterloo Press and her latest Closure in Peepal Tree Press.


Wheel n Come Again

I am responding to two films Pelo Malo and Auntie. My choice for Pelo Malo is based on my personal experience on my afro hair journey that expresses so much more than what is seen on the surface. In my poetry I would like to explore the complexity of what we yearn for, what we are, what we add and change and maybe what we loose by conforming.


For my choice of Auntie I am preparing creative letters to express migration, new impressions and needing to fit in again and realising what is precious. I would also like to invite the audiences to write letters of leaving one country for another, maybe as a child or as an adult like myself to create a new home. What advice would you give the person and younger self newly arriving? What stayed important, what did you let go? There is more to come and I will liaise with you. Please use the contact details of Legacy Film: if you are interested. I look forward to seeing you at the screenings.








Akila Richards