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Maria Cabrera is co-founder of Reel Good Film Club, a film club dedicated to celebrating the contribution of People of Colour in film through non-profit and affordable screenings. Maria’s main interests lie in community and inclusivity in cinema which has led to her work as a volunteer at Deptford Cinema and as co-coordinator of Scalarama.  


It has been a dream come true to work with team of black female curators and artists and to be given the freedom to explore personal and emotional identification when choosing the films. Both of my films choices have been rooted in this as both Pelo Malo and Auntie include experiences and scenes that resonate with me but which I had never seen on screen before. I think it has been really special to be able to reflect on emotional responses when looking at representation on screen as well as the multiple intersections these films explore. Pelo Malo is very special for it not only looks at afro-latinx identity in Venezuela, the first I have seen about my country, but how it looks at how this relates to perceptions of sexuality, sexism, misogyny, class and they’re relationship to the current political climate. Like Pelo Malo, Auntie explores family, but in relation to migration in a deeply nuanced way by discussing its effects on not just the migrants but those who are left behind. I choose these films also as way to celebrate the importance of these works and the women of colour who created them.






Maria Cabrera