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Irene Fubara-Manuel is a researcher and animator living in Brighton, Sussex. Her work, both artistic practice and research, addresses migration and identity. Her most recent projects include I'm New Here, a 2D animated series on queer African migrants in Winnipeg (Canada), African Airspace a data visualisation project mapping an entire day of commercial air travel over the continent of Africa and a chapter which she contributed in the book Boldy Queer: African Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexuality and Gender Diversity.


Wheel n Come Again 

I will be creating an installation art piece made of moving images on a zoetrope rotating on a record player. Responding to the films Water Ritual and Born in Flames, my installation piece interrogates the right to mobility, the repetitive  bureaucratic rituals of identity validation of the "alien" or migrant at the national border.  This emerges from my personal experience as a Nigerian national with roots in Canada, Nigeria, and the UK, passing through the UK border with a Nigerian passport. The moving images, the sound on vinyl and the installation piece in its entirety offer an intervention a re-imagination and re-formation of the Border Ritual.  


If you have stories or experiences at the border you can share, I would love to speak to you. Please contact or







Tokini Fubara